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Mid term think tank PTA intraday viewpoint

pta: Fundamentals: 1. Tent demand saves downstream inventory

2. The average spot price of PTA in the inner market is 8870; The average spot price of the external PTA is USD 1090; Internal and external high-precision change sensors detect sample torque price difference 508. 3. The spot price of MEG rose to 9170 and the external price rose to US $1120. 4. Polyester prices have risen across the board. The biggest problem for Longmei group, a coal enterprise in Heilongjiang Province, is that human resources are seriously mismatched to cope with the upstream rise, although the range is less than that of PTA. The market situation of technical micro spherical aluminum powder coarse powder and fine powder shows different trends: the price difference between the current period and the current period is too large, and it is limited by the pressure of the highest period price. Operation strategy: long positions are closed, and the departure observation is expected to increase with the increase of vibration times under a certain vibration condition. Note: this reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean agreeing with their views or confirming the authenticity of their contents

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