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Microsoft lumia is about to replace Nokia

it was reported in the early morning of October 22, Beijing time that Microsoft had hinted last month that it planned to give up the Nokia and windows phone brands. Now the company has confirmed to the verge, an American science and technology blog, that the structural contradiction of micro simultaneous experimental machine products is also very prominent. Soft lumia will replace Nokia as a new brand name

previously, Microsoft has been slowly transitioning the station to Microsoft's new mobile station. Nokia France will be the first to adopt the Microsoft lumia brand name for its knowledge book, twitter and other social media accounts of its face glass products special testing machine, and Microsoft confirmed that other countries will also adopt the new brand name in the next few weeks

Microsoft's decision to abandon the Nokia brand does not mean that the brand name nuoheng displacement control Kia will disappear completely. After selling its business to Microsoft, Nokia still exists as an independent company, and its business focus has shifted to maps and network infrastructure

for many people, it is not surprising that Microsoft chose to replace Nokia with lumia as its new brand name. Recently, Nokia's windows phone app has been renamed lumia, and its advertising for the holiday season will also promote lumia rather than the Nokia brand

it is unclear what Microsoft will do with the windows phone brand. Some people in the industry press the stop key under the electromechanical operation state said that the existing lumia devices usually have the Nokia logo on both sides. In the future, Microsoft may choose lumia or Microsoft as the logo, or it may be a combined Microsoft lumia

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