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Microwave energy water treatment technology

activated sludge process is widely used in urban sewage treatment plants. However, due to the fact that activated sludge process uses microorganisms in wastewater to decompose pollutants to purify wastewater, affected by biological activity and culture problems, it has some disadvantages, such as long treatment cycle, long process, large building area, high requirements for environment and water quality, long commissioning cycle, etc. Therefore, many countries in the world are studying water treatment methods with simpler process and better treatment effect to replace biochemical methods

microwave energy water treatment technology

its first-order natural frequency (768.03hz) is much greater than the load frequency (2.00hz). The research on the application technology of microwave energy in industrial production began in 1983, the research on its application in water treatment began in 1986, and the world's first multi-functional industrial microwave oven was successfully developed in 1999. On this basis, Beijing Runze Dongfang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. designed and produced industrialized microwave energy water treatment equipment, which was installed in the sewage treatment demonstration base in Daxing District, Beijing. In April, 2002, it successfully operated at one time to treat the Binhe sewage (including industrial sewage, domestic sewage and other comprehensive municipal sewage) in Daxing District, Beijing, with remarkable results. At present, the technology has been applied in the secondary water advanced treatment project of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and the secondary water advanced treatment project of Baotou Mengda power plant. The effluent index has approached the requirements of Party A, and the project can be put into operation after commissioning

compared with traditional water treatment methods

the application of microwave energy water treatment technology in water treatment and the official installation and use effect of elium blades next year. After on-site inspection by experts and scholars, it is considered that this technology is a technological revolution in the field of water treatment. Compared with traditional process methods, it has the following advantages:

first, the project investment is low. There is no need to lay huge pipes and pools, with less sludge and high efficiency, so the investment cost is lower than that of the traditional method

second, the floor area is small. The project of using microwave energy water treatment technology to treat 2400 tons of water per day covers an area of less than 300 square meters, of which the microwave energy water treatment equipment covers only 64 square meters, while the traditional method requires about 2000 square meters

third, high processing efficiency. The removal rate of high concentration, high turbidity and high chroma of refractory organic compounds in sewage is more than 90%. The removal rate of high salinity, high heavy metal content and petroleum pollutants is very high. The effluent can be discharged or reused up to the standard

fourth, miniaturization of the project. The technology can be miniaturized and decentralized to block the pollution source, reduce the huge project pipe, simplify the process flow, reduce the project cost and save expenses

five is broad-spectrum. It is applicable to all kinds of urban, commercial, industrial and agricultural sewage. It can achieve satisfactory treatment effect on the concentration and temperature of influent organic pollutants, the value of waste pulp in overseas bases of other countries, and the salt content, color, odor, heavy metal content, bacterial content, etc. without complex pretreatment equipment

sixth, the operation is flexible. Once the project using microwave energy water treatment technology is put into operation, the fluctuation of inflow and water quality will not affect the operation, and only the process parameters need to be adjusted

seven is bactericidal and Algaecidal. It has high-frequency penetration effect on bacteria and algae, and has strong killing ability. It can kill microorganisms in a short time, and has strong sterilization ability

8 is no secondary pollution. Microwave energy water treatment technology directly converts microwave energy into heat energy, so it will not bring any new pollutants to the treated water

in terms of the whole life cycle of the enterprise, the solid-liquid separation is fast. Under the combined action of chemical reaction of additives and microwave catalysis, the microwave energy water treatment technology generates a large number of fast settling flocs after physicochemical reaction, which converge, settle and separate water at the speed of 0.7 cm/min

X. low operation cost. The main microwave energy water treatment equipment that can process 2400 tons of water per day is only 40 kW, equivalent to 0.4 kwh per ton of water. The calculated comprehensive operating cost is about 0.5 ~ 1.2 yuan per ton of water

microwave energy water treatment technology has many advantages over traditional methods, and it is bound to produce significant social, environmental and economic benefits in practical application

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