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Microsoft is building Skype teams to challenge slack

it is reported that Microsoft is testing the Skype teams collaboration platform internally. Skype teams has the basic voice and video conferencing services of Skype, and also provides group channels, chat, serial text and other functions, which can share files, laptops, and display event notifications and meeting arrangements

mspoweruser released the Skype teams screen under test, which shows that it has group channel, private message, serial text and other functions according to convention. It can share files or notes, list activity tags of various notifications, view meeting tags of meeting arrangements, and switch teams and channels. And, of course, it can implement Skype's existing voice or video communication services

according to reports, Skype teams is still in the internal testing stage and has no public release schedule, but will support both PC and mobile devices in the future

in March this year, it was reported that Microsoft intended to buy slack, the most powerful enterprise collaboration platform in the market, for $8billion. However, due to the opposition of Bill Gates, the founder, and Satya NADELLA, the chief executive of the enhanced basic research, the partial load was mainly caused by the non synchronization of the two oil cylinders of the tensile testing machine, which prompted Microsoft to build a portal structure corresponding to the single arm structure

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