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Microsoft NADELLA meets with developers to promote the open ecology of cloud and artificial intelligence

Microsoft NADELLA meets with developers to promote the open ecology of cloud and artificial intelligence

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original title: Microsoft NADELLA meets with developers to promote the open ecology of cloud and artificial intelligence

November 6, 2018 Beijing - Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, met with developer representatives in China today, Listen to their insights on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, open source ecology, blockchain and inclusiveness of development, and have in-depth exchanges

NADELLA said that Microsoft is committed to building a global and super large-scale cloud platform, and hopes to use Microsoft's leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology to create the best development tools, platforms and frameworks for developers, and also hopes to help more Chinese developers grasp the new opportunities in the era of Intelligent Cloud and intelligent edge

Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, met with Chinese developers to exchange ideas

Huang Dinglong, co-founder and CEO of China al developer on behalf of Metro technology, showed NADELLA the latest AI product identification solution of Metro technology pull machine, also known as pull tester, and shared the potential opportunities for the combination of AI and China's vertical industries. Huangdinglong said that AI can greatly help the transformation and upgrading of the real economy and improve productivity. As a loyal user of Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud azure, maklong hopes to take advantage of the global advantages of Microsoft's intelligent cloud platform azure, expand international business, go deep into the industry and create more efficient AI solutions for more enterprises

Zhang Xin, the founder of Caiyun technology, the representative of China's native cloud developers, chatted with NADELLA about how to realize the "last mile distribution" of artificial intelligence and how to bring the al application scenarios with Chinese characteristics to the world, enabling enterprise developers through the open AI platform to realize "artificial intelligence flying into thousands of households". Zhang Xin also showed NADELLA the latest container al platform and solutions of Caiyun technology

Zhang Xin, founder of Caiyun technology, talked with NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft Corporation.

MIA Chang and pecu Tsai, representatives of female al developers from Taiwan, exchanged views with NADELLA on the opportunities that AI brings to female developers and the training of the next generation of Al talents. Zhanghuaiwen said that although the majority of developers are male, with the penetration of artificial intelligence technology into all aspects of society, female developers will have unique advantages in many development scenarios. At present, more and more are committed to experimental technology. How to distinguish mechanical experimental machines? Technology research and discussion, as well as the utilization and implementation of new technologies, will undoubtedly contribute to China's experimental machines. Many women are joining the ranks of developers

Taiwan female al developer representatives zhanghuaiwen and caiyuncheng shook hands with Microsoft CEO NADELLA

NADELLA also chatted with liubingcheng (sweet potato), founder of open source China, the largest open source technology community in China, and Hanqing, founder and co-founder and CEO of kylin, the first top project of Apache Software Foundation from China, on topics such as open source ecology and international contributions of Chinese developers, Understand the latest trends and needs of Chinese front-line developers

on behalf of Terence Yeung, chief financial technology officer, blockchain developers showed NADELLA trustme, a blockchain business platform designed to empower small and medium-sized enterprises, And shared the broad application prospect of blockchain in the field of financial technology

yangweiqiang, the developer representative of Hong Kong blockchain, introduced blockchain applications to NADELLA, the CEO of Microsoft

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