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The medium-term think tank - rubber disc viewpoint

has reached the fundamentals after the 910s:

1. The tapping season is coming

2. The production of Thai rubber decreased due to rain

Device sample convenience

even if the supply increases greatly, the demand for procurement is also times higher than that in normal months. Rubber dealers have to store raw materials, middlemen have to hoard, and downstream enterprises have to hoard, which also leads to a more serious imbalance between supply and demand. Its potential change and height exceed ASTM standards d2221 and d6653

3 respectively. The tense situation has eased after years of domestic capital settlement. The basic experimental results show that the excessive amount once again leads to the increase of reserve ratio

technical aspect: C of super bull market five waves 2

operation strategy: short on the premise of setting stop loss. 807 target position: 21000, stop loss position: 22085

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