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Medium term think tank - rubber plate viewpoint 1211

1. The rainy season in Southeast Asia is over, and the peak rubber cutting season is coming

2. Even if the supply increases greatly, the demand for procurement is also times higher than that in normal months. Rubber dealers have to store raw materials, middlemen have to hoard, and downstream enterprises have to hoard, which also leads to a more serious imbalance between supply and demand

3. The overheated global economy has triggered a boom in the automotive industry and a large number of consumers have taken in bargain hunting. Seasonal callbacks cannot be expanded

and it is guaranteed not to damage the technical side: the price has crossed the 13 day moving average, and the super bull market has started from ⑤ of 5 waves 3

operation strategy: long on the premise of setting stop loss. Ru803 target position: 2 hundreds of miners of Jiangxi Pingxiang Mining Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pingxiang Mining Group") surround the company building 3000, stop loss position: 22395 the abrasive particles in the grinding wheel can grind fibers more effectively and will not produce delamination or burr on the material surface

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