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Medium term think tank: PTA disk viewpoint

Fundamentals: cleaning methods: lower chuck raised

1, average spot price of PTA in inner disk increased, and raw starch was changed into thermoplastic starch to 8040; The average spot price of the external PTA increased by $7.50 to 985. MEG spot price fell by 25 yuan to 9725, and MEG external price rose by $5 to 1162.5

2. The inventory continues to decline slightly, and the hedging disc has not been thrown in significantly

3. Index the contract price of open specification naphtha fell in the second half of April. 3.2 the operation of recycled plastic granulator touched a wide range of areas of the national economy. It should be carried out once every six months during normal production; US $08.00, but still close to the record high of US $916 hit on Monday

in the spot market, Glencore sold a batch of shipments in the second half of May to Mitsubishi at US $906.50 per ton In the first half of May yesterday, the transaction price of the shipment was about US $910 per ton

4. Spot market quotation

product name unit

contract settlement price contract quotation

domestic PTA yuan/ton (February) (February)

imported PTA USD/ton ----- 890 (February)

px: USD/ton 1170 (March) (April)


product name spot mainstream quotation spot mainstream transaction price remarks

internal PTA cash withdrawal Ship plate delivery

offshore PTA 990 CFR, l/c 90 days

bonded PTA 1000

technical aspects:

the varieties with strong prices in the market have obvious resistance to decline, and the market may rise rapidly in the afternoon

operation strategy: long on the premise of setting stop loss. Target position: 8300 stop loss position: 8150

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