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The market prospect of plastic masterbatch is promising, and titanium dioxide and carbon black enterprises may benefit.

recently, ceresana consulting company released the global market report of plastic masterbatch. It is estimated that by 2024, the global plastic masterbatch Market will grow at a growth rate of 3.7% per year. The report shows that in 2016, the world consumed more than 4 million tons of plastic masterbatch, of which the market demand of color masterbatch in the Asia Pacific region accounted for 40% of the global demand, and the revenue of color masterbatch in the Asia Pacific region accounted for one third of the global revenue

the super constant plastic additive is loaded in the resin and processed into a concentrate. When manufacturing plastic products, it is no longer necessary to add this kind of plastic additive, just add this kind of concentrate with super constant plastic additive in proportion. This concentrate is called plastic masterbatch. According to the different plastic additives, the plastic masterbatch is divided into: filling masterbatch, color masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, wear-resistant masterbatch, multifunctional masterbatch, etc

White Masterbatch titanium dioxide

color masterbatch is a plastic masterbatch added with super constant pigments. The most important masterbatch type in 2016 is white masterbatch. From 2008 to 2016, the global demand for white masterbatches increased at a rate of 2.2%. Titanium dioxide is the most commonly used white pigment additive in inorganic pigments. The plastic industry is titanium dioxide plastic industry. If you want to rely on the development of new material industry, you can start from the following aspects: the second largest user of titanium dioxide. Although the market price of titanium dioxide continues to rise, titanium dioxide is still the most used pigment in the White Masterbatch. Titanium dioxide used in white masterbatch has the following advantages:

high hiding power, high coloring power and high achromatic power, making the masterbatch appear white

improve the heat resistance, light resistance and weather resistance of plastic products, improve the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products, protect plastic products from UV light and avoid product fading

titanium dioxide is non-toxic. The plastic industry needs to color toys, electronic equipment, auto parts, home furnishings, plastic films and other daily-use products. Using titanium dioxide for coloring is more healthy

black masterbatch carbon black

according to Ceres' rapid development in engineering plastics and packaging plastics, Ana consulting company released the market report data of global plastic masterbatch. The data showed that the demand of black-and-white masterbatch was the largest among color masterbatches. The additive of black masterbatch is mainly carbon black. As a color additive, carbon black has many advantages in many plastic applications. Different pigment carbon black can make plastics present different blackness. It depends on whether the operation design is reasonable, whether the use and cleaning are simple and convenient, and the color of plastics with carbon black is difficult to change. Even in extremely harsh outdoor environment, it will not fade. At the same time, carbon black is not only a black colorant in plastics, but also an anti ultraviolet aging agent and antistatic agent

the development of the plastic industry has also driven the development of powder enterprises such as titanium dioxide and carbon black. As the second largest user of titanium dioxide, plastics need a large amount of titanium dioxide. With the increasing demand of plastic market, the demand for titanium dioxide is also increasing. The price of titanium dioxide may continue to grow steadily, and the net profit of titanium dioxide enterprises will also increase. Although the demand for carbon black in plastics is less than that in rubber products, carbon black has a greater impact on the performance of plastics, so plastics have higher requirements for carbon black. The increasing demand of plastic market brings more demand to carbon black enterprises, and also promotes enterprises to develop more varieties of carbon black for plastics

the application of plastic products permeates all fields of the national economy, from packaging products to the construction industry to the transportation industry. The plastic market is huge, and the market of plastic additives is also increasing. For titanium dioxide, carbon black and other plastic related powder enterprises, this is undoubtedly a big cake. How to share more profits is a problem that enterprises should consider

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