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Introduction to the characteristics of toughened glass

toughened glass is to heat high-quality float glass close to the softening point, and rapidly cool it on the glass surface, so that the compressive stress is distributed on the glass surface, while the tensile stress is in the central layer. Because of the strong and equal compressive stress, the tensile stress generated by the external pressure is offset by the strong compressive stress of the glass, thereby increasing the safety of the glass

1. Strength improvement: the mechanical strength, impact resistance and bending strength of tempered glass can reach 4-5 times that of ordinary glass

2. The two basic choices for improving thermal stability are thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics: toughened glass can withstand a huge temperature difference without damage, and its resistance to variable temperature difference is three times that of ordinary float glass of the same thickness. 3. Safety improvement: after the toughened glass is damaged by strong force, it quickly presents small obtuse particles, so as to ensure personal safety to the greatest extent. Application: furniture, electronic and electrical appliance industry, construction, decoration industry, bathroom, automobile, escalator, and other places that need safety and have sharp temperature difference, and can be used as the original piece of insulating glass and laminated glass to stand firmly

6mm, the nominal thickness of glass is d 12mm, the nominal thickness of glass is d 12mm, and the nominal thickness of glass is d 6mm. The model tempered glass meets the requirements of the Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules gb/t and GB, and has obtained the "3C" China Compulsory load accurate to 10N certification, and the periodic product certification certificate that the production material bears the changing stress and strain

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