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The market prospect of plastic packaging machinery is considerable and promising

according to experts' prediction, as China's macro and micro economic situation is getting better, social demand will show a stable growth situation, which is expected to stimulate the growth of plastic packaging consumption. The vigorous consumption of plastic packaging products will certainly promote the technological progress and rapid development of plastic packaging machinery industry

in recent years, multi-layer co extrusion blow molding units are also popular because of their wide range of applications. Among them, the down blowing unit with a price of about 100000 yuan/set is favored for its moderate price and excellent performance. This unit can use PP, LDPE and other raw materials to produce packaging films and composite packaging materials with good sealing, transparency, cooking, preservation, printing and other properties, which can replace most CPP and BOPP film materials. The products are widely used in the packaging of food, agricultural and sideline products, medicine, chemical industry, daily necessities and military products. To directly measure the radius and strain

most manufacturers can produce traditional polyethylene film blow molding units. Their products are mainly used for agricultural products, such as agricultural mulch film, drip irrigation hose, and also for packaging film of milk, etc. This machine is suitable for blending raw materials of LLDPE, HDPE and LDPE. The film produced has low cost, uniform thickness, high transparency and excellent plasticization

the full-automatic high-speed Blister molding machine used to produce all kinds of color sheets and shape all kinds of open thin-walled container products uses PVC, pet, PP, PS, flocking sheets, photolytic plastics as raw materials, etc., which can be formed continuously at high speed, and can realize the adjustment of various program actions in the working process without stopping the machine. Products can be widely used in food (as cake box, cake food lining, etc.), medicine, daily necessities, toys, electrical components and other packaging

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