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The market prospect of polypropylene (PP) resin is promising

China's polypropylene (PP) resin industry has developed rapidly. By the end of 2000, the production capacity of PP in China has reached 3.1955 million tons/year, ranking first in the production capacity of synthetic resins; The product output has exceeded 3million tons, ranking first among synthetic resins. The apparent consumption of PP resin in China has increased more rapidly, from 2.225 million tons in 1995 to 4.8332 million tons in 2000, an increase of 1.2 times. The competitive advantage of the company's products and services is prominent, with an average annual growth rate of 16.8%. Domestic PP resin can only meet 66% of domestic demand. According to the estimates of relevant departments, the demand for PP resin in China will reach 7million tons in 2005

in recent years, from the production of domestic PP varieties, the PP resin varieties of continuous process production plant are still mainly extruded flat yarn, and the output in 2000 accounted for 54.5% of the total output of continuous process PP; The second is fiber material, accounting for 15.4%, followed by film material (15%), plastic injection material (13.7%), coating material (0.4%)

in order to meet the needs of China's PP market, domestic resin production enterprises have increased product structure adjustment since 1997, that is, reducing the output of general brands and increasing the output of special brands

Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. plastic plant pays attention to the success rate and market share of re product development, focusing on the development of special material products with large market demand and high added value. Following BOPP film materials, they also developed block copolymers, special materials for automobile bumpers, PP-R pipe materials, HDPE communication cable insulation materials and special materials for aluminum-plastic plates

the plastic business department of Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. pays attention to the serialization of products. Their BOPP film material, CPP film material, PP random copolymer, fiber material, cigarette tow material and other special resins have formed a series

Beijing Yanhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd. actively adjusted its internal operation mode, established a market operation mechanism integrating production, marketing and research, took the market as the guide, vigorously developed high value-added special resins, and worked hard to increase the production of special materials in short supply in the market. Following breakthroughs in the development, production and market development of barrel materials in washing machines, we actively organized random copolymerization of CPP film materials and PP-R tube materials. After three years of efforts, the adjustment of product structure has achieved remarkable results, the proportion of general materials has decreased significantly, and the proportion of special resins with relatively high product added value has increased significantly

in 2000, China's PP special resin increased by 1.9 times compared with 1998, accounting for 36.6% of the total output of continuous PP in that year

at present, domestic PP resin products can only meet 66% of China's market demand, and a large number of imports are required every year. There are more low-grade bulk products in resin products, and less special products with high technology content and high added value. According to the current market demand of PP resin products in China, we should further adjust the product structure and improve the development and production of special resin output and varieties, especially the special resin in tight market:

1 BOPP heat sealing film and special resin for high-speed production line. At present, the vast majority of domestic BOPP resins are ordinary light film products, and the market has become saturated, while BOPP heat sealing films and special resins for high-speed production lines still rely on imports. Efforts should be made to develop and produce

2 ternary copolymer CPP special resin. High speed CPP film packaging production line mainly uses ternary copolymer products with low heat sealing temperature as heat sealing layer. With the increase of domestic high-speed CPP film packaging production lines, the demand for ternary copolymer CPP resin will further increase. At present, domestic ternary copolymer CPP resin is only produced by Shanghai Petrochemical (Brand: f800eps), but the product quality is still unstable. Therefore, we should speed up the development of ternary copolymerization products to meet the needs of the domestic market

3 highly transparent random copolymer PP products. Transparent PP products are increasingly used in food and cosmetics packaging, medical appliances, household appliances and other fields. In 1999, domestic consumption reached 30000 tons, basically relying on imports. Efforts should be made to develop and produce

4 PP copolymer coating material. PP woven bags will still be one of the main packaging products in China for a long time in the future. As people pay attention to its leakage, the market demand for PP copolymer coating material will gradually increase. It is worth vigorously developing production

at present, some domestic PP special resin products have been recognized by the market and have batch production capacity. Efforts should be made to increase production and strengthen market development. Such as Yanshan's PP washing machine and automotive materials series products, Qilu's BOPP special resin, Shanghai Petrochemical's BOPP and CPP series products and other special resin products. However, when developing and producing special resin products, attention should be paid to reducing the low-level repetition of the same variety, such as BOPP. There are too many production enterprises and the output is scattered, which makes it difficult to form large-scale production, which not only affects the product quality, but also is not conducive to reducing costs and improving the supporting facilities of the device. Carry out a reasonable division of labor for the production of special resins, so as to extend the operation cycle of a single variety (brand) and improve the overall economic benefits of product varieties and brands

at the same time, attention should be paid to improving product quality. For example, the MFR value of products between different batches fluctuates, which makes users have to adjust process parameters frequently, reducing the low efficiency of industrial thermal conductivity and increasing waste products. Therefore, the method is to thicken the viscosity of oil. All enterprises should strengthen production and mixing management, improve the construction of DCS advanced control system and apply ASTM D, etc; Foreign packaging and transportation experience, 25kg woven bag or paper bag packaging should be reformed, especially for BOPP, cable materials and other products with high requirements for cleanliness. So as to continuously improve marketing technical services

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